Yuchen & Welun 台豐高爾夫球場婚禮

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About Yuchen & Welun Wedding / 台豐高爾夫球場婚禮



除了佈置外,攝影團隊要怎麼去補抓賓客歡樂的自然氛圍,在眾多人群當中 “餘光掃射”每位的開懷大笑 “用力奔跑”按下快門!


Memories Forever

Oh my goodness! The outdoor wedding setup at Taichung Fengyuan Stadium this time is unbelievably beautiful.
It's like a fairy-tale wedding dream for the bride (spins around).

In addition to the decorations, how the photography team captures the natural joyous atmosphere among the guests is crucial. Amidst the crowd, "capturing peripheral glimpses," freezing each hearty laughter, and "running energetically" to press that shutter button! Preserving scenes that make everything appear more orderly is indeed very important.

Love stories captured in an elegant and timeless way


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